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B-PAC Controls are the new standard for dust collector control. Pulse-jet timing, pressure gauging, leak detection and other measurements, such as fan amps, are seamlessly integrated into a single easy-to-use device. Integration of control and sensing lowers installation and operating costs, reduces emissions and enables automatic diagnostics such as locating failed solenoids, diaphragms and filter leaks.


The B-PAC 100 integrates the following capabilities and auxiliaries. Control and display for each function and the auxiliaries are accessed from dedicated keypad buttons that can be locked to prevent tampering.


IntelliPULSE Technology

IntelliPULSE is an intelligent pulse-jet filter cleaning technology that minimizes compressed air use, eliminates swings in pressure drop, extends filter life and optimizes filtration. IntelliPULSE automatically adjusts the off time between pulses and pulse duration in real-time to maintain a constant pressure drop across the filters. Simply enter the desired differential pressure and IntelliPULSE does the rest!


ProFLOW is a proprietary combination of induction-sensing and protected-probe technologies invented by FilterSense. As particulate flows near and around a probe inserted in a stack or duct, small signals are induced into the probe by particle electros (i.e. charge). A Digital Signal Processor converts the induced signal into an absolute output that is linear to actual mass flow. The probe features a protective layer, which in combination with induction-sensing provides reliable operation even with condensate or conductive dust on the probe.














 KVA Engineering also provides:            FilterSense – World Leader in Process Filter Monitoring & Control

  • Particulate monitors

  • Filter leak protection

  • Bag house controls

  • Automation software

  • Pressure sensors

  • Liquid mist

  • Powder flow

  • Ambient dust







Goyen Particulate Monitors Comparison Chart

Download this comparison chart which compares 19 features, such as Components, Mass Flow Rate, and the Enclosure Sizes and Ratings, across these 5 major products: BBD5, EMP5, EMS4, EMS6 and EMP7.


Goyen BBD5 Broken Bag Detector Product Specifications

Download this product spec sheet which outlines the many features and advantages provided by installing a Goyen BBD5 Broken Bag Detector in your system. This specification sheet includes product description, operational range, benefits, features, modes of operation, and technical spec sections.


Goyen EMP5 Particulate Emission Monitor

Download this product spec sheet which outlines the many features and advantages provided by installing a Goyen EMP5 Particulate Emission Monitor in your system. This specification sheet includes the following sections: what it does, principles of operation, functions, outputs, control unit, sensing head, operational range, benefits, and features.

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