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Pneumatic Conveying Solutions

Pneumatic conveying is a core technology in the development of bulk material handling systems for the process industries. Pneumatic conveying technologies are divided in vacuum conveying and pressure conveying. Dilute phase conveying by fan or positive displacement blower for conveying. Typical conveying applications we can help you with include:  


  • Wood

  • Cement

  • Milk Powder

  • Chemicals

  • Coal

  • Resins

  • Paper

  • Flour

  • Sawdust

  • Plastic

  • Sand

  • Pigments

  • Grain Products

  • Salt

  • Fertilizer

  • Fly Ash

  • Sugar

  • Clay


KVA Engineering can provide a complete dense phase or dilute phase system including blower, receiver and duct work. KVA Engineering has a sophisticated computer program to design your exact system. Contact us to get a complete cost of a system.

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