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Vacuum Solutions


Offering the best in vacuum needs, we provide services in either portable or stationary vacuum units. We also have a complete selection of tools available for your complete vacuum needs. Typical uses:

  • Metal working

  • Bulk material handling

  • Clean room

  • Finishing shop for painting, sanding, grinding, and sandblasting

  • General housekeeping

  • Spill clean up

  • Vacuum assist


The central vacuum provides reduced floor space in confined work areas:

  • Vacuuming several locations at the same time

  • Central collection of recoverable materials

  • Simplified disposal of large volumes of waste

  • One collection and disposal point


The portable vacuum provides:

  • Reduced energy consumption

  • Portability

  • Easy dust removal

  • 110 volt power available

  • Air, battery, gas and propane operated


Explosion Proof Applications

  • Firing ranges

  • Powder coating booths

  • Oil refineries

  • Chemical plant cleanup

  • Flour and grain silos

  • Bakeries

  • Toner and coal dust


Explosion Proof Immersion Separators

  • Aluminum Dust

  • Titanium Dust

  • Magnesium dust

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Clean Rooms

  • Air bag manufacturers

  • Glowing Embers


Multi-Vac vacuums are engineered to provide long service life with minimal maintenance attention. Open their brochure to learn more or visit their website at


Ruwac USA provides superior quality vacuums systems for virtually all indiustrial applications. Visit their website to learn more at Ruwac Industrial Vacuums.

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