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Offering the best in turnkey installation services for your dust collection or vacuum system. 

KVA Engineering can provide the following services to assist your
company with installing an economically priced system:
  • Turn-Key Installation

  • Interior/exterior installation

  • Concrete design

  • Structural steel design

  • Fan placement

  • Dust collector assembly

  • Electrical wiring

  • Compressed air hook-up

  • Crane service

  • Take-away system installed

  • Ductwork design and installation

  • Equipment upgrade

  • Re-installation of equipment

Upon order, KVA Engineering will provide complete layout drawings for ductwork, filter, vacuum location or any related components.


On all KVA-engineered systems, KVA Engineering provides a one-year warranty on equipment and installation. To review our "Conditions of Sale" statement which outlines the key areas of a sale with us, including materials, prices, taxes, acceptance, credit and payment, cancellation, shipments and delivery, installations, limited warranty and limitation of liability, click HERE.

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