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Recycling Solutions


KVA Engineering designs and installs Material Recovery Facilities (MRF’s)

for the Recycling Industry. Our qualified design specialists can work with

you to design and install complete systems.


We offer the following recycling equipment:


  • Authorized distributor for American Baler

  • Authorized dealer for Vecoplan shredders and BloApco

  • Full line fully automated extrusion balers and closed door balers

  • Multi-material closed door balers

  • Baler parts and service

  • Customized feed conveyors and hydraulic dump systems

  • Paper shredders

  • No shred integrated sheet waste/trim baling systems

  • Baling wire

  • Complete air system design for your waste needs

  • Used Balers


More Information

Visit our "Recycling Equipment" site with complete listings of:


  • Recycling and Baling Equipment

  • Installation

  • Used Equipment

  • Parts

  • Accessories

  • Service and Repair



Moldow Separator DanSep

Download this product spec sheet which outlines the many features and advantages provided by installing a Moldow Separator DanSep in your production process. A Moldow DanSep is designed for separation of waste from extraction air in the production of corrugated board, cardboard and paper.



Since 1946 Balemaster has distinguished itself as the leading manufacturer of heavy duty and reliable horizontal balers, shredders, hoggers, fluffers and perforators that meet nearly any waste management and recycling requirement. We are the world leader in automated baler technology.

For even more information, visit the Balemaster website.




Blower Application Company, Inc.

Blower Application Company, Inc., headquartered in Germantown, WI-USA, has been working with customers around the world since 1933 solving a wide variety of waste and scrap handling problems.


BloApCo builds components for shredding and trim handling systems. Many of the products BloApCo handles is corrugated paper, poly-coated paper, wooden pallets, 50-gallon drums and 8-by-8-inch blocks of wood. BloApCo trim handling systems incorporate trim cutters, material handling fans - coupled with pneumatic handling equipment - to efficiently collect clean, valuable scrap for recycling or re-processing. For even more information, visit the Blower Application Company Website.

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