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Safety & Prevention Solutions


NFPA standards and an increasing awareness of workplace health and safety hazards have led to an increasing demand for effective explosion protection systems in industrial applications. The flammable gases and combustible dust created by many industrial and manufacturing processes create a serious risk, driving the need for dependable explosion prevention. 

Spark Detection


Nine years after the Corbin explosion, still no dust regulations. On February 20, 2003, powerful dust explosions tore through the CTA Acoustics plant in Corbin, where fiberglass insulation was manufactured for the automotive industry. The loss of seven lives and scores of injuries made the accident one of the state’s deadliest. U.S. Chemical Safety Board investigators found that the explosion was fueled by resin dust which accumulated in a production area and that was likely ignited by flames from a malfunctioning oven. The resin involved was a phenolic binder used in producing fiberglass mats.


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It can happen in a matter of seconds: The normal operation of many production machines can easily produce a spark. It is then picked up by the pneumatic system and transported along with highly combustible wood chips, dust or other finely divided particles. If that spark reaches the collector or storage bin, an explosion or fire is almost a certainty. Even one such event can result in damages ranging from costly repairs and down time to loss of plant facilities or even worse…an expensive price to pay for something that can be readily avoided.


Fume Removal


KVA Enginering offers the best in vehicle

and equipment exhaust systems. Vehicle and

equipment exhaust systems include:

  • Flexible hose reel systems

  • Underground systems

  • Overhead boom, balance systems


Source capture extraction arms for welding

fume and hazardous contaminates removal.

Systems include:

  • 6″ and 8″ diameter extraction arms

  • Fully articulating arms

  • Individual suction fans

  • Tie into ductwork systems


Micro Air’s “Clean Air Solutions”

Micro Air manufactures a full line of industrial air cleaners, dust collectors, clean air booths, environmental booths, downdraft tables and commercial air cleaners. Visit the Micro Air website (click on MicroAir logo) to read how Micro Air and their products were able to solve different situations and problems.


Vehicle Exhaust System by KVA Engineering

Maxireel: Fumes and Gases Exhaust Hose Reel – Simply because engine fumes need to be exhausted. Maxireel produces superior technology generating substantial operating. Most of our competitors do not include these standard features:

  • Heavy gauge steel construction

  • 4″(10mm), 5″(125mm), 6″(150mm) and 8″(200mm) diameter hoses

  • DUAL heavy duty tempered steel spring pack

  • Powder coat painted and galvanized steel components

  • Hose temperature up to 2000 deg. F.(1100 deg. C)

  • E.Z. lock ratchet lock mechanism or motorize operation

  • Hose storage capacity up to 42′ (13m)

  • Shipped fully assembled


Abort Gates


KVA installed. KVA-built backdraft damper and fully automatic abort gate operated by Flamex Spark Detection System.


KVA Built High Speed Abort Gate To Meet NFPA Requirements Of Less Than 600 Millisecond Operation


  • Electric Screw Jack Design

  • Hinged Access Door

  • Works With Any Spark-Detection System

  • 110 Volt Control Panel

  • NFPA 664 Compliant

  • Duct Diameter 12” to 60”

  • Weather Hood

  • Automatic Re-Settable Gate

  • Complete Control Panel

  • Fail-Safe Electro Magnet

  • Exterior Safety Yellow Paint

  • Heavy Duty Construction

  • Sizes Available:  18” thru 56”




  • Support structure

  • Ladder

  • Access platform

  • UL approval on control box


Contact KVA Engineering, Inc. for your spark detection safety equipment needs.

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