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Cartridge Dust Collectors




OptiFlo Cartridge Collector System

The OptiFlo cartridge collector system is a completely modular design that allows an unlimited range of sizes. The compact modules help conserve valuable space, and can be interconnected to accommodate the largest air cleaning task.


OptiFlo units have the lowest flange-to-flange pressure drop, allowing up to 10% greater airflow with lower fan horsepower than competitive models. The OptiFlo's aerodynamic design permits free-fall of dislodged particulate into the hopper without direct impingement of contaminant on the cartridges, minimizing abrasion and dust build-up.


A wide selection of cartridge types, options, and accessories enable the collector to be tailored to specific application requirements. Choose from top or front inlet and side or bottom outlet arrangements.








OptiFlo Dust Catcher

Meet tomorrow’s tougher ambient air quality standards today with the latest industrial filtration system from AAF International, the OptiFlo DustCatcher. Everything you need to improve industrial air quality has been built into this powerful, compact dust and fume collector. The DustCatcher arrives at your plant fully wired and ready to go to work providing a healthier and safer environment for your people as well as clean air for your processes.


Designed to control dust and fume from a single source or system, the high performing DustCatcher picks up even sub-micron particulate allowing the cleaned plant air to be recirculated to reduce exhaust and energy costs.


Available in three sizes for small to medium volume dust problems, the DustCatcher contains an enclosed fan with built-in silencer, self-cleaning cartridge filters, wired control panel, and a quick connect dust disposal pail. With four air inlet openings to choose from, the DustCatcher will fit in tight spaces most anywhere in your plant.





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