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Spiral Pipe


Spiral pipe is designed to be easy to install. All pipe ends are female, and all fitting ends are male, allowing pipe and fittings to easily slip together. There are several methods of joining Spiral pipe and fittings, depending on your application and your applications requirements.


  • Slip Joints: Slip joints are the simplest method of joining Spiral pipe.

  • Fitting-to-fitting joints (male to male) require a separate coupling, C-1-F: or a short, hand cut section of Spiral pipe can be used as a coupling for quick, in-the-field connections.

  • Pipe-to-pipe joints (female to female) also require a separate C-1 coupling.

  • Pipe-to-fitting joints slip together without the need of a separate coupling.


Slip joints are fastened with screws or pop-rivets, and duct sealant or sealant tape when additional air tightness is required. (The screws or rivets hold the pipe in place as the sealant cures.) The standard recommendation is for screws or pop-rivets to be used at a maximum of 15″ intervals with no fewer than three screws or pop-rivets per joint. We recommend a maximum interval of 6″.

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