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Fabric Dust Collectors





The AAF ArrestAll shaker collector is an inexpensive solution for small and medium intermittent air pollution problems. This fully self contained dust collector provides high efficiency air cleaning on intermittent dry dust collection applications such as those found in grinding and woodworking operations. It is economical to operate, easy to maintain, and requires minimum floor space.










The AAF Millennium fabric dust collector is a heavy duty baghouse designed to meet the ever increasing demands for higher quality air. The Millennium baghouses provide high efficiency air cleaning on the most difficult dry dust collection applications. Intended for outdoor use, it provides the most cost effective way of cleaning heavy dust concentrations from large exhaust air volumes.









Design M FabriPulse

The AAF Design M FabriPulse is a unique, front access baghouse that lends itself to in-plant use for cleaning up even the most difficult air pollution problems. The Design M FabriPulse provides high efficiency air cleaning for applications that require low headroom and compact filter sizes. Filter change-out is quick and easy with the unique filter bag assembly in lengths of four or six feet.



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