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Mist Dust Collectors




The DynaPure is a self-contained centrifugal collector for source capture of oil mist generated by machining operations. DynaPure collectors can handle continuous operation without the need to shut down for drainage. The compact units feature lower maintenance and easy installation on or adjacent to the machine generating the mist.


A backward inclined aluminum fan provides steep fan curve for optimum performance at minimum noise levels. Mist-laden air is drawn into the DynaPure where a rotating drum collects and agglomerates mist particles from the airstream by centrifugal force. The collected oil drains from the DynaPure unit and may be returned directly to the machine or collected for disposal. A built-in stack discharge returns clean air to the plant atmosphere.

Prefilter and final filter options are ideal for difficult combinations of mist and submicron smoke. These can be factory-installed or retrofitted in the field. Explosion-proof DynaPure models are also available, plus optional voltages, including 50 Hz.




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