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Wet Dust Collectors




Type W RotoClone

The Type W RotoClone is designed to combine the scrubbing effect of water with the principle of dynamic precipitation. It is a highly effective wet-type collector which discharges collected materials in slurry form. The Type W collector operates continuously at 98+% efficiency with minimum water requirements (only 1/2 to 1 gallon per 1,000 CFM of air).


The Type W is capable of handling hot, moist gas streams and sticky dusts, which makes it effective in applications such as chemical processing, mining, coal processing, food and pharmaceutical dust capture. Two optional outlets are available for vertical discharge: a 90-degree outlet elbow for immediate redirection, and a centrifugal outlet for recirculation or corrosive mists.





Type N RotoClone

The Type N RotoClone is the best solution to a wide variety of dust collection needs. It combines high efficiency, low maintenance costs, low water usage, and flexibility in one rugged, well proven piece of equipment.


The Type N cleans the air by the combined action of centrifugal force and a thorough intermixing of water and dust-laden air. Our unique airfoil design impeller provides the complete scrubbing necessary to precipitate fine particles. Designed to maximize the cleaning effect of the energy used, the Type N can be selected to operate at specific efficiency levels for individual project requirements. The pressure drop can be varied from 5.3" to 11.7" w.g.


The Type N RotoClone is assembled of heavy gauge hot rolled steel. For highly corrosive conditions, the Type N can be fabricated of stainless steel or lined with coal-tar epoxy. The unit is available in three sludge disposal arrangements, with three water level control options to tailor to your needs.





Type LVN RotoClone

The Type LVN RotoClone is a hydrostatic precipitator with an integral fan. It cleans the air by the combined action of centrifugal force and a violent intermixing of water and dust laden air. Type LVN is specifically designed for the ventilation and pollution control of dust emitting machines that require air volumes under 2,000 CFM. The collector can be close coupled to the dust sources or remotely located with connecting ductwork.


The Model LVN is a completely self-contained device, including fan, motor, and water level controls. When coupled with its optional downdraft bench, it provides an industrial worktable that is suitable for explosive metal (Al, Ti, Mg) grinding and polishing. The capture and dust removal features of the Model LVN allow recirculation of in-plant air to promote energy conservation and a clean working environment.


The 1,000 CFM model measures 42-3/4" x 35-1/2" x 83-3/4". The 2,000 CFM model measures 53-1/2" x 43-1/2" x 93-3/4".




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